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About Me

I was a very inquisitive child and, thankfully, that hasn't stopped and has contributed to being a successful person and therapist. I started working with children with complex mental health needs in a residential setting more than 20 years ago and my path to providing personalized, client-centered care has continued ever since and its proven to be a gift.

I believe strongly that the experiences of our lives need to be explored and examined to give us a better understanding of ourselves and our decisions. I live my life by these principles and I invite each client to explore this possibility in therapy. In many ways I believe that through the work with clients, I continue to heal pieces of myself.


My diverse and multicultural life allows me to be relatable, empathetic, and understanding of the complexities of life and modern society. Furthermore, my sense of humor helps clients feel at ease while we are working on getting to know each other and building a relationship.


I have been working extensively with women during the pandemic and I have found that my approach has been very helpful in supporting them navigate transitional stages, age, female issues and becoming more confident in their bodies.


The more clients I work with and the more people I meet in my life, I am realizing that everyone experiences some sort of anxiety independent to socio economic background, race, gender, nationality etc etc. I help clients understand the source of their anxiety, explore the narratives they have created and how to reframe them in order to manage their anxiety more effectively and use it as a motivator to grow.


Every transition in life can become traumatic depending on the circumstances and novelty can be unsettling at times. Recent graduates from college experience challenges in this area, navigating new workplaces or searching for new opportunities leave people experiencing a shake in their self esteem and confidence. I help clients put things in perspective, follow their instincts and pay attention to what they want for themselves and their lives.


As adults in an ever changing society, we all constantly find ourselves having to readjust our expectations, be more flexible and reassess the way we view and deal with the world. Clients in different life stages need support my support around adapting to new and/or challenging life circumstances, skill-building for improved stress management, and reduction of anxiety.


The most rewarding part of my job is helping clients feel better about themselves and their lives and decisions and constantly learning from them and sharing experiences that bond us as humans. 

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